Souped-up 25 cent ramen

I’ve talked a lot on my Instagram about my love for ramen. It’s a direct cause of some of my happiness and a lot of my college weight gain. Even with the consequence of some extra poundage, however, there is nothing like enjoying a big bowl of carbs.

True restaurant-style ramen is an art. It takes hours and even days to make rich bone broths, and I really appreciate the care and attention that goes into a truly great bowl of ramen. The thing about it, however, is that most of us don’t want to spend hours simmering pork bones and a lot of us probably don’t have a stock of pork bones in our kitchens.


So here are my hacks for turning a 25-cent package of ramen into a gourmet meal. The first tip: use whatever the hell you have in your kitchen because a great bowl of ramen can be made in hundreds of ways.

When I made this, I had one package of ramen (duh), one egg, some leftover chicken, frozen broccoli, soy sauce, bamboo shoots, Trader Joe’s seaweed, pepper and red pepper flakes.

The first thing I did was make the ramen according to it’s package. I love the Shin Ramyun ramen because it’s got great spice to it. You can use the ramen of your choosing.

About halfway through the cook time for the noodles, I added in as much frozen broccoli as I wanted and some bamboo shoots. Once my timer went off, I poured everything into my special ramen bowl.*



As soon as my ramen was in the bowl, I separated the egg yolk from the whites and added it in raw. I then stirred the raw yolk in vigorously to prevent it from cooking. I know it might seem like a food safety hazard to add a raw yolk in your ramen, but trust me, it makes the noodles so much creamier. You’ve got to put it in. If you feel weird about it, I recommend making a soft boiled egg and adding that in instead.

Once the yolk was stirred in, I added my chicken (I heated it up while the ramen was cooking), more bamboo shoots, soy sauce, pepper and red pepper flakes to taste and some seaweed. That’s it. So easy and ready in less than 10 min.

How do you guys like to soup-up your ramen? Comment below!

**How cute is this ramen bowl? I’m obsessed with it. Thanks Karen Liu, it’s an amazing birthday gift!

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