Penne for your thoughts

Today is #nationalpastaday and if there were ever a food to celebrate, pasta is definitely at the top of the list.

I’ve always been a firm believer that eating is not just about fueling your body to live. It’s about community, conversation and connections. Sharing a meal with someone is an intimate experience. You’re using the act of cooking or eating food to facilitate a relationship.

Pasta, especially, is one of those dishes that really emulates the spirit of community. First of all, it’s typically made in large quantities. And while I can definitely put down more than I should, it’s easily sharable.

My family isn’t a huge pasta family much to my dismay. My boyfriend’s family is. His mother is Italian-American and a Sunday night pasta dinner is practically a rite-of-passage. I remember my eyes widening at the site of her enormous pasta bowl filled with over two pounds of pasta and gravy the first time they had me over for Sunday dinner.

I loved it. I loved how pasta isn’t just a meal to them, it’s a part of their family, a part of their heritage and a part of their traditions. I saw this same culture when I visited Italy last spring. It was overwhelming to see the love and patience that went into a great dish of pasta. I’d even go so far to say that eating pasta in Italy was a cathartic experience.

So there you go, a few thoughts on the wonderful dish that is pasta. I hope you see why it’s so special.

Happy eating!


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