Perfect Weekday Lunch

Hi Everybody!

Wow, long time no see huh? I’m sorry for my absence, life just got crazy and I let CWG fall to the wayside so I could focus on other things (like finishing college- I can’t believe I’m in my last semester!)

Like many others, a new year means focusing on healthier choices (at least for as long as I can), and so I wanted to share a quick, easy lunch idea that’s been fueling me lately.

To me, a well constructed sandwich can really make a day brighter, and this low carb/calorie one is filling, but healthy.

Recipe to follow the photo! 🙂




1 Arnold Multigrain Sandwich Thin toasted (100 cals)

1 tbsp Trader Joe’s Wasabi Mayo (100 cals)

3 oz. Natural Oven Roasted Turkey (70 cals)

1 slice Sargento Cheddar Cheese (80 cals)

Tomato and Cucumber (0 cals)

Calusen Dilll Pickles (0 cals)



Toast sandwich thin, spread mayo evenly on each sandwich thin. Add the turkey, cheese, cucumber and pickle. Consume.

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